The goal: complete 52 different challenges that will force me to grow emotionally, face my fears and try new things, each with the intention of developing a deeper sense of self and growing in self-worth and awareness while increasing confidence in myself and my own capabilities.




When I stared this journey, and this blog, years ago, my intention was to complete one challenge every week for an entire year. I filmed each one and posted them here and on my youtube page. However, it became increasingly difficult to be consistent with posting: I had gone back to school on top of working, and life responsibilities took over. Even though I stopped posting, I never stopped challenging myself to grow.

With that said, I have decided to take the videos down until I have the challenge completed (all 52!): that way when I do post them, they will be presented in a more consistent and coherent way. You will be able to see and come with me on my journey from beginning to present day (I’m not going to say end, because I don’t think a self-discovery journey ever truly ends).

In the mean time, I encourage you to take your own journey. To challenge yourself daily to face your fears or grow in some way. You are worth the time and the energy, and it will be the best and most rewarding journey you take.





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